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Der ARTpark Horb

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The Legend of Martin Falke

Martin was a seven year old boy and a student at the school behind you.

He was not exactly a “good student” because when the teacher would speak, Martin would just stare out the window at these trees.  He loved to watch the birds.

Martin thought, “What a perfect life it must be for a bird”  and he was stare out the window everyday.  He watched the builder birds gather sticks to make nests in the trees, and he saw the hunter birds catching worms in the grass, but he was most impressed by the birds ability to fly across the sky.

As Martin was thinking, “How great must it feel to fly in the sky” His teacher shouted “MARTIN you must pay attention to me!  You can not look outside any longer!”  And the teacher made Martin sit in a corner away from the window.  The teacher said, “From now on this will be your new spot in this classroom.”

During recess Martin was so sad that he sat down on the swing and cried.  He started to rock himself slowly on the swing and he felt a little better.  And he looked up into the sky at a flock of birds flying in a “V” shape and he said, “I wish I could fly.”  Martin felt so much better and started to go back and forth on the swing staring at the  birds.  And he went higher and higher on the swing and he said again, “I wish I could fly”  And Martin went all the way back and all the way forth on the swing, higher than any kid has ever gone, and all the kids gather around and Martin shouted “I WISH I COULD FLY!”  and the swing went above the bar and Martin was upside down and at the same time a hawk was flying above the swing and crashed directly into Martin.

And when the swing came down it was empty…

No one really knows what happened to Martin after he crashed into the hawk.  Some kids say he disappeared.  Other kids say that he is still around and they have seen him.  They say he looks different now, he still wears the same clothes but he grew giant wings and a beak.  They say they see him fly around this area, but when they try to speak to him, he fly away…

Joseph Horejs, 30, United States of America (USA)

joseph story

ARTpark-Horb - Gemeinnützige Unternehmensgesellschaft Haftungsbeschränkt Kurator & Geschäftsführer: Michael Widmann